April 16, 2014


When a woman came to their door and announced that “something had happened to her husband,” The Sadlers  sprang into action. They donned robes and slippers and followed the distraught woman to her apartment. In the bedroom they found a middle aged man lying on a bed. He was apparently sleeping, but his respiration seemed disturbed. He would take a couple of fast breaths and then stop breathing for an almost alarming interval.   Dr. Sadler quickly took his pulse, and was surprised to find it normal. However, the depth of the subject’s sleep was quite profound. Dr. Sadler attempted various ways to awaken the man, but without success. Finally, there seemed nothing left to do but wait.

Nearly an hour went by. The man’s body made several rather violent movements during this period. Then, suddenly, he sat up and looked around. “Who are these people?” he asked his wife. She explained that they were doctors whom she had called from upstairs when she could not wake him. He exclaimed: “What? What has happened? Is something wrong?”

Dr. Sadler asked: “How do you feel?” “I feel fine,” the man replied. “What is it you have been dreaming about?” asked Dr. Sadler. “Why, nothing.” the man replied. “But you have been jumping all around the bed,” said Sadler. “Well, I don’t know anything about that,” the man replied. “I feel fine.”

After a bit of small talk, Dr. Sadler said: “Look, I believe it will be wise if you come in for a complete examination tomorrow morning. This is quite unusual, and we want to be on the safe side.” The man and his wife agreed.

The next day Dr. Sadler made the examination and found the gentleman to be in excellent physical condition. After thoroughly testing him, Sadler checked into the man’s family history. There was no record of insanity or of epilepsy. Dr. Sadler suggested that he would like to keep the patient under observation for a while, and the patient consented.

Several weeks passed. Then the wife called and informed the Sadlers that her husband was in the peculiar deep sleep again. The doctors responded, and discovered him to be in the same profound sleeping state as before. They attempted to rouse him, even sticking pins in him, but nothing worked. Fortunately the pulse remained normal during the strange breathing sequences and abnormal movements, so nothing appeared life-threatening about the extraordinary state. Then, he awoke as before, completely oblivious of any unusual behavior during his sleep. Both doctors were puzzled.

The phenomenon occurred several times by the fall of that year, when the Sadlers’ new residence was ready. The lease on the subject’s apartment was expiring at the same time. He and his wife elected to move so they could be near the Sadlers. It was at this new address that the peculiar “sleep” of the patient became considerably more remarkable and perplexing.

The First Contact

The Sadlers were soon called to the new residence of the subject. The customary procedure was followed, and the physicians sat by the bedside, observing and waiting for him to awaken. Lena Sadler noticed the subject was moistening his lips. “Perhaps he wants to say something. Perhaps we should ask a question,” she said. “How are you feeling?”

To the great astonishment of everyone, the subject spoke! But the voice was peculiar, not his normal voice. The voice identified itself as a student visitor on an observation mission from another planet!8 This “being” apparently was conversing through the sleeping subject by some means. Both doctors thought they were simply observing a phenomena known as automatic speaking. This activity involves the subconscious mind, and can take place without the awareness of the patient.

NEXT: A profound mystery begins to unfold.

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